20 billion WhatsApp messages sent on New Year’s Evening in India

On the new year, you too must have sent a message to a friend or relative, but do you know how many WhatsApp messages have been sent by the people of India on the occasion of the new year. WhatsApp has released a report according to which 100 billion WhatsApp messages have been sent all over the world on the eve of New Year 2020.

It is surprising that 20 billion messages out of 100 billion have been sent from India only. Let me tell you that the record of sending the most messages in a day has become a record in the history of WhatsApp. The message sent from around the world has 12 billion photos. According to WhatsApp report, all these messages have been sent on the evening of 31 December. Let us know that the number of WhatsApp users in India has crossed 400 million.

Ads will be seen on WhatsApp in the new year
Advertisement on WhatsApp may be out soon. It has been discussed since 2018. Ads on WhatsApp will be shown in the status section in the same way as shown in Facebook Messenger and Instagram Stories. The format of the advertisement can be video and photo. Ads on WhatsApp will be part of Facebook’s advertising program. This was also confirmed by WhatsApp Chief Operating Officer Matt Idima.